Resilience is the ability to adjust easily to change or adversity and to flourish even when demands are high.
Resilient people are able to reframe their stress and make it their friend not foe. They respond to challenges with helpful actions and they relate to others by reaching out in times of difficulty and knowing their resources.

Delivered over a half day, this workshop contains 3 skills of resilience, the ability to respond to challenges, relate to others and reframe unhelpful perceptions to stress. The workshop ends with an action plan both for individuals and teams to build their resilience. The emphasis is on the changes that happen as a result of the workshop and building habits at work.

One recent company made significant steps towards building their team’s resilience by:

  • Starting gratitude Fridays
  • Starting each meeting and performance review with 3 good things
  • Bringing mindfulness to meetings- tune in by leaving phones outside
  • Raising their ratio of positive to negative interaction to above the recommended 5 to 1 ratio with simple strategies

What clients have said:
“All my Managers have come up with a 3 step action plan with their team and have already started to put the actions in place. Thank you so much for the effort, enthusiasm and production of what was a truly inspiring course.”

Manager, Call Centre