Prioritise your goals with one to one coaching.

Why one to one coaching?

  • People who are coached are more likely to succeed
  • Coaching helps you to prioritise and attain your goals in life
  • Gives a fresh perspective on challenges and increases confidence
  • Enhances decision-making skills

Research by the International Coaching Federation suggests that over 96% of companies and individuals who hire an executive coach are satisfied or very satisfied with the process, and would do it again.  70% have improved work performance and 80% of individuals have improved self- confidence and 72% improved communication skills.

Here at Fully Charged coaching in Cork, we have found that 100 % of the clients we have worked with report that executive coaching was very effective and improved areas such as wellbeing, resilience and life satisfaction.

Who is this for?

  • Anyone who would like their life to be less busy and have more time for what really matters.
  • For those who need support and encouragement to achieve their goals and move forward in life.
  • People who feel they can achieve more in either their work or personal life but are not sure how.

Fully Charged offers a range of leadership team coaching and professional executive coaching options in Cork.