Coaching – What is it?
Coaching on the Move… it’s as simple as that. One to one coaching, whilst on the move coaching

Walking whilst talking in the great outdoors and yet it’s more than that, it helps people make positive change.

The forward motion of walking helps you move forward both physically and figuratively towards your goals. In essence, this is a ‘time out’ from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to help you gain clarity of thought so you can focus on the things that matter most to you. Our Coaching on the Move sessions take place on a number of beautiful walking paths in Cork.

Coaching on the Move for Organisations

Having piloted this programme at a number of multinational companies, we know the benefits of participation for executive managers, middle management, line managers and their leadership teams is far-reaching…
• Increase managers and/or their team’s resilience
• Improve energy and engagement
• Increase productivity and performance
• Improve team communications

Participants can expect to:

• Be energised and more productive both at work and at home
• Explore solutions to achieve goals and objectives
• Be inspired to make positive change
• Become ‘unstuck’ and discover new ideas and possibilities
• Gain clarity of thought

Coaching while exercising improves mood, stimulates solution focused thinking and productivity while promoting physical wellbeing.

Why it works:

• If you step away from the constraints and pressures of the work environment, leaving the computer, papers, walls and desks behind, and step into the outdoors – straight away the restorative effects of nature and the open air gives you a sense of space and creative energy that acts as a catalyst to help you think through an issue or topic with greater awareness and clarity.

• Walking alongside someone in companionable dialogue, especially with some of the best executive coaches in Cork, can really help people do some of their best thinking. Walking side by side helps create a more relaxed conversation, particularly as the pressure of eye-to-eye contact is reduced.

• Movement helps you to get ‘unstuck’ when looking to find solutions to problems. When we walk the heart pumps faster, circulating more blood and oxygen not just to the muscles but to all the organs—including the brain. The pace and flow of the walk and deeper breathing stimulates insights and ideas.

• And of course it’s healthy. Recharge your batteries with gentle exercise and fresh air.

How it works:

1. Each delegate must complete a short questionnaire
2. Agree location to meet for a one hour coaching session on the move
3. Follow-up consultations and coaching sessions agreed depending on the programme.