Workplace health and wellness programmes are becoming more prevalent across Irish industry.  And when the benefits for employers and employees are weighed up, it’s easy to see why.


In today’s highly competitive business environment, keeping employees engaged at work is quickly becoming a significant workplace issue around the world. The Gallup engagement survey states that 64% of employees in Ireland are not engaged in their work and 20% are actively disengaged. Furthermore, according to IBEC, in 2014 over 4 million days were lost in Ireland due to absenteeism by small businesses alone.


The reasons are for such high disengagement and absenteeism are numerous but in response to this challenge, more and more organisations are investing in comprehensive workplace health and wellness programmes for their employees. These programmes not only enhance the well-being of employees, they can have an impact on the short and long-term success of an organisation.  It also makes financial sense.  Investing in the right programmes can lead to reduced absenteeism, reduced presenteeism, reduced employee turnover and higher productivity.


This is not just about a one day quick fix ‘healthy eating’ event. It is the organisations that place a particular emphasis on improving the work organisation and working environment, increasing workers’ participation in shaping that environment, and encouraging personal skills and professional development that are maximising organizational performance and seeing a return on their investment.


What can your company do?

Start by developing a workplace health and wellness policy. Then research what programmes and initiatives will fit with your organisations culture.  The Nutrition and Health Foundation in Ireland offers a number of guidelines through its National Workplace Wellbeing Day.


A particular focus on programmes and tools to support an employee’s wellbeing is recommended.  Workplace stress is a key contributor to absenteeism and may impact on productvity. Wellbeing workshops help employees understand the importance and value of looking after their wellbeing and give them coping skills to limit the impact of any challenges or concerns they may have professionally or personally.


FullyCharged delivers a well-being programme for employees called ‘Ace Your Wellbeing’.


ACE your wellbeing helps employees to focus their attention, truly connect to others and boost their energy using simple but effective tools of positive psychology and mindfulness.   The programme explores the 3 keys to wellbeing:  attention, connection and energy.


Consider the following benefits:

  • Enhanced wellbeing & resilience
  • Improved energy & engagement
  • Better relationships
  • Increased productivity, performance & happiness at work


Improving wellbeing is in everyone’s interest.


If you need to present a business case on why more wellness programmes are needed for your organisation and potential impact they will have, then simply present the estimated cost savings reduced absenteeism, reduced presenteeism, and higher productivity. The positive impact this will have on the bottom line will always make directors sit up.
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